SEALA hosts ten hours of continuing legal education (CLE) per year. Our CLE events are also open to non-members. You may view our upcoming CLE through SEALA’s Events page on Facebook.

If you are interested in being a presenter for a SEALA event, please contact our NALA Liaison/Education Chair, Donna Gilliland.

Information on past seminars:

2022 SEALA Annual Paralegal Seminar by McKee Court Reporting, 8/19/22

2021 no seminar held

2020 no seminar held

2019 SEALA Spring Seminar

2018 SEALA Spring Seminar


2016 Staying Sharp with SEALA Seminar

2015 – “Mayday, Mayday! Taking the Distress Out of Federal Law.

2013 SEALA’S “Skillfully Smart”

2012 SEALA’s 2012 Fall Annual

2011 Staying Savvy with SEALA

2010 Soar Above With SEALA

2008 Real Life – Real Law

2007 Sailing With SEALA

2006 The Beat Goes On As SEALA Raises the Bar

2005 Navigating the Curves